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Wiki Story

Page history last edited by Brett 9 years, 2 months ago

This is was our collaboratively authored wiki story.  Each participant adds something to the story each day, in the following order:

Brett, Chris, Craig, Daniel, Tyler, Alex, Ali.

Each piece should be at least one full sentence long, but can be longer if you like.  Please leave one blank line (hit return twice) between the piece that precedes you and your piece but otherwise leave no blank spaces.


This collaborative story experiment is now complete.  We didn't get very far with this iteration, but we still learned some things about collaborative authorship. -BB

Muriel's reflections upon the depth of what she'd done were interrupted by a knock at the window.


Muriel peered cautiously out the window to see her dog Courage being strangled by a multi-tentacled duck in a bolo tie.


Much to her relief, it was just Courage and the duck aggressively playing as they usually did. Oh, Courage. She turned away from the window and continued to reflect on her previous actions.


Red and glass spread across the floor she knew she had made a mistake.


Horrified, Muriel peers through the broken window seeing nothing but the vast arid expanse she lived on and a small trail of what could she could only presume was blood... but whose blood?


Jack! Where is Jack?!?! She screamed, realizing her little brother was no where in sight.


Muriel immediately runs outside only to see a tall shadow disappear into the woods behind her house. 


She suddenly goes into a panic. Screaming for help however, no one is answering her desperate calls.


She is the only one left. No one can help Jack but her. She will journey into those dark woods to save her brother, even if it means her annihilation.  She needs the one thing the Shadow will never suspect.


Muriel cautiously creeped into the woods, each step filled with labor and sending shivers down her spine as the mass of trees grew more and more unruly and the shadows ever more twisted. Suddenly she saw a set of bright yellow eyes and a gleaming pair of white teeth peer out at her from the tangle of trees.


Courage meandered out from behind the tree. He must have ran off into the woods to help find Jack! She gave him a good petting behind the ears and beckoned him to follow her. The Shadow wouldn't stand a chance now that she had her flashlight and Courage by her side.

Comments (2)

Brett said

at 10:02 am on Feb 13, 2015

I'd like to keep the story itself nameless, so it will be more coherent. If you'd like to see who posted a particular piece, use the "Page history" link above.

Brett said

at 8:49 am on Mar 25, 2015

I apologize for being the one to drop the ball this last stretch. Bad Professor! Bad!!

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