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Each piece listed below is due the date listed, in addition to the assigned reading on the course Schedule.


Monday, 9 Feb: Complete the activity from class on the 6th (post a 5-photo story design for "Thunder Road" to your page.

Wednesday, 11 Feb: 

  • Connect with I: episodes 1-8 at least (iChannel Videos page; scroll down and click “load more” below to get to the earliest episodes)
  • Radiolab episode: “What’s Up Doc?
  • Marble Hornets (optional) 

Friday, 13 Feb: No additional


Monday, 16 Feb: No additional

Wednesday, 18 Feb:

  • If you have access to a copy of Bioshock (the first one), play it from the beginning for at least 20 minutes (if you don't, watch this "Let's Play" video of a first run-through) and notice how the opening sequence funnels you into a particular play experience and sets the stage for what you will encounter in the game.
  • Play Echo Bazaar for at least 20 minutes (requires a free account at story nexus) and notice how the "storylets" create a sense of a coherent world (the world of "Fallen London").
  • Play the BBC "remastered" version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy interactive fiction (IF) game for at least 20 minutes and pay attention to how your choices open up new opportunities for story. 
  • Play Bastion for at least 10 minutes (this requires Chrome on your computer; download Chrome here) and notice how the narrator responds to your choices. 

Friday, 20 Feb: 

  • Download and spend at least 30 minutes running through the "Crash Course 1" demo of Stencyl.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes creating a branching story at twinery.org (click "Use it online" in the upper right box)
  • Add to your Portfolio at least one concrete idea for a Portfolio submission you could get started on in class tomorrow (you might create a new section there called "Ideas").  This does not have to be complex in any way, but it should be doable; concrete and specific, not abstract or vague.





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