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Workshop 1: Storytelling and Technologies


Workshop 2 - Telling Stories with Images

Workshop 3 - Interactivity, Play, and Game Design

Workshop 4 - Video

Workshop 5 - Realism and Performance

Workshop 6 - Story Design: Research

Workshop 7 - Story Design: Narrative Linearity, Non-Linearity, and Flow 

Workshop 8 - Story Design: Visualization

Pull out your notes for a story you’re working on (better if it’s one in the early conceptual stages, but it doesn’t have to be)

    • >Bubbl.us or Text 2 Mind Map> to organize, expand, and deepen your thoughts on how the various pieces of your story relate to one another
    • Use color, lines, shapes of nodes, size, font, emphasis to identify similarities and differences

Workshop 9 - Project Workshop: Development

Workshop 10 - None: work on Project Design Prospectus' at home

Workshop 11 - Project Workshop: Flow Planning



20 April - Prospectus Feedback

  • Does it include a brief description of the assignment, a layout of the individual elements of the piece, and a schedule for when each piece will be completed?
  • Is the brief clear and does it identify a unifying idea for the project?
  • (from the assignment) Does it use multiple media together to effectively communicate the details of the proposed piece?  That is, can a reader, using only the Prospectus documents, get a very clear sense for how the final piece will turn out?
    • What questions do you have about what the final product will be like from this document? 
  • Is the schedule reasonable?
    • Do you foresee any problems getting this work done in the time remaining in the semester?



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